Built from the ground up, Polytut caters for learners entering the field of 3D design for the first time. Polytut harnesses the tried and tested conventions of game design to assist young learners by drawing parallels between their own experiences with games and 3D design. However, learners do not have to be gamers to find Polytut beneficial.  Testing results show that previous gaming experience aids performance but does not negatively affect engagement. Please read on for further information about Polytut's features.


Polytut is highly interactive and responsive at every turn. Students really appreciate this. A positive reaction to Polytut's high degree of interactivity is a common thread in user feedback.


Currently Polytut provides 6 modules for learners to explore. Topics range from 3D workspace familiarization to the technical characteristics of polygon meshes. Concepts presented in modules are illustrated using contextual 3D demonstrations. More modules are in the pipeline and will be added in the near future.


Games!!! These are fun, but not just for fun. Games are found at the end of 'practical' modules and are designed to reinforce practical skills. Classmates can be encouraged to compete with each other to get on the cohort (not global) high score list.


Terminology is a high barrier for those venturing into the world of 3D design for the first time. The built-in glossary in Polytut provides definitions for 120+ esoteric terms of 3D development — with more being added as the technology expands.


Found at the end of 'theory' modules, exams require learners to explore interactive, 3D questions posed to them and select their answer from a number of choices. Questions dynamically change each time the exam is taken meaning that no two exams are the same, but the underpinning theory remains.


Polytut relies on an 'XP' system to progress. Earn XP points by completing tasks and performing well in games and exams. XP scoring is required for users to unlock new modules and is a feature gamers (of which there will be many in your class) are very familiar with.


3D asset development programs are notoriously complex. This presents a challenge to first-time users. Polytut strips away extraneous components to focus on the basics. Complexity is increased, however, as learners grasp key skills and concepts.


Unlock special bonus features such as the glossary list, games list and extra modules that give a run down of the history of polygons in CGI.


Browser-based means you can bypass the red tape of IT installs! Login to Polytut and pick up where you left off using any device that has a compatible browser and modest graphics hardware. Works on both Mac and PC. Mobile versions to come in the near future.


Give your students hours of content and engagement. Once they own a license they have access for life. The current price of licenses ($5 per license) will go up as modules are added to Polytut. Now is a great time to give your students a unique learning experience! Bulk deals are also available, please enquire here.